Understanding the Global Traveler

A comprehensive study of the trends and behaviors affecting global air travel

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Commercial air travel is undergoing significant transformation as passenger preferences, behaviors and expectations evolve. The Global Traveler Study gives you a clear perspective on these international travelers and what their expectations may be in the years ahead.

Understanding the Global Traveler

Learn about the changing inflight preferences of flyers worldwide. (PDF download)


What you'll learn

  • What flyer attitudes are toward inflight connectivity
  • What types of devices are most frequently used in flight
  • How technology affects inflight behaviors
  • What Millennial flyers expect when flying

"Understanding the Global Traveler" is the centerpiece of the Gogo Global Traveler Research Series.

This global series examines travelers’ inflight habits, behaviors and preferences. It covers 15 countries across six regions around the world and includes data collected from more than 4,500 respondents who flew within the past year.

A summary report on flyers aged 18-35 entitled "The Travelers of Tomorrow" is also currently available. In addition, regional reports will be published by Gogo throughout 2017. Sign up today to receive your free copies.

Understanding the Global Traveler

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