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Operational services

Our suite of operational services go beyond passenger connectivity, allowing your airline to realize the full potential of your connected fleet.

From hosting, to connectivity, to reporting, to aircraft data, our suite of services opens a new world of advanced aviation, boosting efficiency and productivity across your entire operations. Increase customer loyalty and generate new revenue with innovative inflight services. Enable new efficiencies within flight operations. Give maintenance teams access to live aircraft information. Monitor aircraft systems in real-time to generate new insights. And this is only the beginning.

Connected Aircraft Services brochure

See how Gogo’s operational services and applications empower your airline with real-time data.


Connected Aircraft Services whitepaper

Discover the exponential power of a connected fleet.


Available operational services


Our connectivity services start with our in-cabin network, which enables the customizable connectivity necessary to help you achieve new levels of efficiency – including dedicated connectivity for operational use, content filtering, security features, and billing flexibility.

Aircraft data

Whether you’re in the air or on the ground, our aircraft data services allow access to essential data through a secure interface, including location, weather and turbulence information.


Onboard hosting capabilities enable the prioritization of time-sensitive application payloads as well as app hosting, which allows airlines to store applications on our airborne server for quick, easy access.


By leveraging analytics and monitoring, your airline has the ability to monitor overall performance, enabling more informed decisions across your fleet.

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