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Gogo Ku

With an industry-unique antenna system, Gogo® Ku delivers high‑bandwidth connectivity to aircraft.

Gogo Ku leverages a worldwide network of existing Ku-band satellites to deliver high-bandwidth connectivity to aircraft around the globe. While Gogo Ku is comparable to other Ku solutions in terms of data speeds, its unique antenna design offers lower drag, which offsets any weight savings associated with more complex solutions.

Key features and benefits

  • Worldwide network of currently deployed Ku-band satellites
  • High-bandwidth passenger connectivity with upgrade path to high-throughput satellite (HTS) once available
  • Superior pointing control mechanism means fewer service outages

Ku coverage

Gogo's global Ku satellite network is already operational with hundreds of active aircraft.

Gogo Ku coverage map


Bring Gogo Ku onboard

Here’s what your aircraft need to bring Gogo Ku onboard:


Antenna Control and Modem Unit


High Power Transceiver

Meet our Ku partners

Delta Air Lines
Japan Airlines

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