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Gogo Crew Connect

Whether in the air or on the ground, Gogo® Crew Connect keeps crews connected to improve communications and mitigate the impact of irregular operations.

A global messaging solution, Gogo Crew Connect enables real-time communication for quick, educated decisions between your flight crews and airline operations on the ground. Crews have the ability to message each other to discuss scheduling updates, passenger needs, maintenance updates, and more over our secured network. And if your fleet already has the compatible devices, networks, and/or aircraft infrastructure, there may be no additional set up cost for your airline.

Key features and benefits

  • The only direct-messaging product dedicated for flight crew use
  • Supports smartphones and tablets with all major operating systems, including Microsoft, Android, and iOS
  • Dynamic group messaging allows users to designate contacts into specific groups (by flight, aircraft, location, job title, etc.) and send targeted messages
  • Includes standard messaging app capabilities, such as picture and video attachments, short cuts for urgent needs, read receipts, and automated notifications

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